What is 60 Days? 60 Days is a spectacular photo chronicle of Moscow graffiti scene in 2008. 164 pages, about 1000 pieces, more than 100 crews and writers.

Each and every time authors of any new printed editions about graffiti trying to grab the biggest piece of the fame pie, trying to emphasize their own writers, to show them in the most favourable light.
They constantly push their own created style as the one and only, separate different art movements, fill whole pages with useless info disguised as something very interesting and really important. You don't need to discuss graff, you need to burn it!

60 Days shows overall picture of the city walls without favouritism. It is ecstatic about every masterpiece on each and all pages. Book will acquaint you with tremendous number of styles and latest writers' work. You will get unbiased view of actual trends in modern graffiti art. If you find yourself on the pages of 60 Days, your work is important and necessary for us. If not, it's just matter of time, we hope.

Respect And Support Your Local Flava.